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The latest B2L magazine contains a range of helpful articles explaining how this year's Stamp Duty changes and looming tax reforms could affect you, the importance of regular communication with your lender to prevent problems, how to switch a better deal and understanding your responsibilities as a landlord.

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Landlords enjoy falling buy-to-let mortgage costs

Landlords looking for mortgages in November benefitted from lower lending costs as rates continued to fall into the autumn months, research shows. (Read more)


Buy-to-let lending through limited companies hits 100,000 in nine months

Lending to landlords through limited company structures surged to 100,000 in the first nine months of 2016, more than double the total amount reported in the whole of 2015, findings by Kent Reliance reveal. (Read more)


Average three-bed rental home in London costs £30,000 a year

Renting couples in London looking to start a family would need to fork out 55.6% (£2,460) of their combined average monthly salary to rent an average three-bed property, according to Property Partner. (Read more)


Lenders feel under pressure to rein in buy-to-let lending

The Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has been in talks with large UK institutions regarding their buy-to-let business, which some have interpreted as a warning to clamp down on the amount they lend to landlords. (Read more)


Average landlord faces £2,000 in property set up costs

The average investor spends £2,000 on a first property before occupation, with over 20% also waiting longer than four months before securing a paying tenant, illustrating the front-loaded nature of some costs for landlords. (Read more)


12 things you need to know about landlord immigration checks

As of 1 December, landlords who fail to conduct immigration checks on prospective tenants could face unlimited fines and five years of jail time. (Read more)

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