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Changes to landlord taxation

Tax changes phased in from between April 2017 and April 2020 may well impact your rental income. (Read more)

b2lonline | 02/02/2017


Planning & Strategy Features

Buying via a limited company

Should you consider buying property through a limited company structure? (Read more)

b2lonline | 02/02/2017


Be prepared

Your buy-to-let investment is a business and you should run it as such. So it pays to be aware of threats and opportunities. (Read more)

b2lonline | 31/01/2017

be prepared

Letting to Students

Renting to students may conjure up visions of irresponsible teenagers and late night partying but the student lettings market can generate high yields. (Read more)

b2lonline | 31/01/2017


How to be a better landlord

Whether you have one or two, or 100, properties, it’s important to treat buy to let as a business. That means having a plan and an exit strategy, understanding your responsibilities, and keeping on top of the financial side of things. (Read more)

b2lonline | 31/01/2017