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For some years now, many buy-to-let landlords have stayed with their existing mortgage lenders, many of them paying standard variable interest rates.

This inertia has mainly been fuelled by a lack of supply of alterntaive buy-to-let products, combined with low rates making remortgageing impossible or undesirable.

However, more buy-to-let lenders have returned to the sector, and a number of new players have entered the market, substantially increasing product choice.

What's more, with interest rates set to rise next year, more and more buy-to-let landlords are now looking at moving to anew deals - possibly fixed rates.

If you are interested in finding out about the latest buy-to-let mortgage products, take a look at

You will probably end up arranging your next buy-to-let mortgage or remortgage through a broker.

But there is no harm in being as well-informed as possible before you even approach an adviser.

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